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The Young and The Restless Spoilers Wednesday, November 30, Y&R

Then, there’s the little wrinkle of Daniel Romalotti’s return to Genoa City. Lily is clearly wondering if the grass is greener in somebody else’s yard. Will she and Billy call it quits and part amicably? Or will Lily keep trying to make things work with her unlikely beau?

Nate Hastings questions Elena Dawson’s loyalty. They haven’t fully recovered from their rift over Nate’s big bad plan for selling out his family — and Chancellor-Winters. Then, there’s the fact that Devon Hamilton wants absolutely nothing to do with him, but Elena has remained friendly with her ex and across-the-hall neighbor.

Although Elena stood up for Nate a bit when Tucker McCall attacked him on Thanksgiving, Nate still seems to wonder if she’s fully on his side. Could this be what ends their relationship once and for all? Y&R spoilers for this week see Chance Chancellor shocking Abby Newman when he tells her he’s moving forward with a divorce.

Even when confronted by Victor Newman, he sticks to his guns. The Mustache grills him today on Young and the Restless. He’s upset Chance ditched his daughter on Thanksgiving. Victor asks Chance what he’s done to Abby — assuming that his son-in-law is the guilty party. But the Chancellor heir keeps it classy.

The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS.

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