The Young and The Restless Spoilers Friday, November 11, Y&R

Given what we’ve seen of Audra, she’s likely to try to turn up the manipulation to get Noah to see things her way. However, he seems pretty firmly team Allie Nguyen, so there’s hope he won’t fall for her machinations.

Chelsea Lawson sees a new side to Adam Newman. While she obviously knows him well given their marriage and son, Chelsea and Adam haven’t really seen eye-to-eye in a while. They’ve managed to make a go of co-parenting for the most part, but there’s not a whole lot of love lost between the pair since Chelsea tried to set Adam up for murder.

Perhaps when he finds out what really happened with Chelsea, he’ll surprise her with his devoted support. Who knows? Maybe he and Billy will even manage to get along for Chelsea’s sake. That would for sure be a “new side.”

This week Y&R spoilers see Ashley Abbott getting closer to Tucker McCall. She wants info on Diane Jenkins to run her out of town for good. Meanwhile, Ashley ignores that her ex Tucker is more of a danger than Diane… On Thursday’s The Young and the Restless, he tells Ashley Abbott more about Jeremy Stark and that he’ll be out of prison soon.

The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS.

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