The Young and The Restless Next Weeks Ubdate

A flippant comment made by Victoria Newman lights a fire under Elena Dawson and convinces her that she must expose Nate Hastings’s scheme to wrestle control of Chancellor-Winters away from his cousins…but will the trip to the company headquarters cool her determination?

In other The Young and the Restless spoilers news, Billy Abbott makes a decision about his future, and Chelsea Lawson stands her ground when it comes to Johnny Abbott …that will not bode well for her if Victoria and Billy have anything to say about it.

Meanwhile, with Tucker’s coincidental arrival and his stirring of the pot, Kyle Abbott gets a clue and begins to suspect that Diane might know more than she’s letting on.

Finally, The Young and the Restless spoilers have Nicholas Newman questioning his…he wants to say…girlfriend(?) about her feelings for Adam Newman. Is it possible that Sally Spectra isn’t as over her ex as she claims to be?

The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS.

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  1. Shirley Hawthorne says:

    Where are all the regulars on Y&R have not seen Sharon, Ashley ,Amanda , Kevin for weeks -gets a bit boring seeing the same ones day in and day out. Replace the actual character of Amanda like you did with Amani if there is conflicts with her.

  2. I want you to write a story for Adam that puts him back in the business world. Also give Sharon a great love story. Less of Sally and Nick.

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