The Young and Restless spoilers

The Young and The Restless Spoilers Next Weeks March 21-25, Y&R

The Young and the Restless spoilers for March 21 – March 25, 2022, tease a consensus reached, a gallant effort made, a dynasty in crisis mode, questions raised, and so much more. This will be a week you won’t want to miss!

Having returned from his harrowing, but enlightening trip to Los Angeles, Jack Abbott fills in Traci Abbott and Billy Abbott on the existence of his granddaughter, Allie…and of his decision to leave the ball squarely in her court where forging a familial relationship is concerned.

Jack’s siblings are immediately united in their opinion that Jack should be the one to make the first overtures — and Phyllis Summers concurs. Deciding that his loved ones are right on the money, Jack makes plans to return to the City of Angles…and this time, he’s going solo.

Adam Newman’s attempt to play on Ashland Locke’s love of Harrison backfires spectacularly and results in Ashland digging his heels in even further. Blah blah blah of mice and men etc. etc.

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