General Hospital Spoilers Wednesday, December 14, G&H

Brad Cooper is stunned when Britt Westbourne starts discussing her will with him and what she plans to leave him when she is gone. Brad is touched by this gesture but doesn’t understand why Britt seems to be planning so far ahead.

Meanwhile, Liesl Obrecht is still trying to accept what is happening to her daughter and talks about Britt being gone to Nina Reeves. This confuses Nina as she and Sonny Corinthos try to comfort and support a distraught Liesl.

When Sonny has spent his requisite time with Liesl and Nina, he prepares Dex Heller for his next mission. Maxie Jones is still reeling from the discovery that Austin Gatlin-Holt blackmailed Damian Spinelli into seeing if they are a true match.

The blackmail part is what she is most angry about, and she tells Cody Bell all about it, thinking he will be shocked by what Austin did. Does Cody bother telling Maxie he did the exact same thing to Spinelli so that he could seem like the perfect match for Britt?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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