The Young and The Restless Spoilers Monday, November 21, Y&R

Noah Newman tells the truth about Audra Charles. He already let Allie Nguyen know that Audra said she miscarried his baby, and Allie was compassionate about the situation. He let Allie know that she is his present and future, but was he telling the truth?

It could be, though, that Noah finally tells Sharon Rosales and Nick Newman about what happened with Audra, letting them know that she was briefly pregnant with what would have been their grandchild. That’s sure to give them all some feelings about things.

Daniel Romalotti returns to Genoa City. He’s been away for some time, and it’s probably safe to say he’s returning just in time for Thanksgiving.

Phyllis Summers went to visit him a few months ago, and now he’s returning the favor. Will he be in town for more than just the holidays? Certainly, some people will hope to see him stick around for a while. Perhaps he will.

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