The Young and The Restless Next Weeks Spoilers November 14 – 18, Y&R

The Young and the Restless spoilers for November 14– November 18, 2022, tease the end of the road for two romantic pairings, a hint of couples to be, and so much more. This will be a week you won’t want to miss!

Not only does Amanda Sinclair clear her remaining possessions from the home that they once shared, but she also informs Devon Hamilton that she’s resigning her position as in-house counsel for Chancellor-Winters — all the better to put space between them as she embarks on her new life in Virginia. What remains to be seen, is whether or not Devon will accept the new status quo.

Having asked for space to calm his anger and clear his head, Chance Chancellor returns to Abby and announces that he’s come to a decision: he wants to end their marriage. When Abby pushes back, insisting that there’s still something that can be salvaged, Chance floats the idea that she should make a real go of it with Devon, the man with whom she seems far more compatible. Will his words hit home and set Abby on a new path?

In other Y&R news, Nicholas Newman helps Sally Spectra plan her future — hopefully, the two realize that there’s a Chief Operating Officer position going spare at Chancellor-Winters.

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