The Young and The Restless Next Weeks December 19–23, Y&R

The Young and The Restless spoilers for December 19 – December 23, 2022, tease disappointment, potential danger, and so much more. This will be a week you won’t want to miss!

Though the initial plan was to keep as much distance between themselves as possible lest any undesirables rumble her location, Jack Abbott and Kyle Abbott resolve to spend Christmas with Diane Jenkins as one big, happy family.

After getting Summer Newman Abbott on board, the group bundles wee Harrison into the car and set off for the Abbott cabin, but all is not copacetic when the quartet reaches their destination. The lights are on, but the door is unlocked, and nobody is stirring.

Sharon Rosales’s holiday plans are tinged with sadness owing to her status as a recent widow and Faith Newman’s inability to return for the festivities, but the good news is on offer courtesy of Mariah Copeland and Tessa Porter.

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