The Young and Restless spoilers

The Young and The Restless Spoilers Tuesday, November 30, Y&R

The Young and the Restless spoilers for November 30, 2021, end the month with Abby Chancellor getting devastating news from her husband, as Victor Newman and Ashley Abbott decide to make their daughter’s decisions for her, and Jill Foster Abbott Atkinson arrives in Genoa City to whip Billy Abbott into shape – by any means necessary.

Just as Victor and Ashley are agreeing that Abby is in over her head and is setting herself up for a fall once she finally accepts that Chance is as dead as the government keeps telling her he is, Abby is sitting with her very much alive husband, showing him pictures of their son, and planning their glorious happy family future.

Not so fast, Chance says. He’s still got a mission to fulfill. But I want you to come home, Abby all but stomps her foot and pouts. I’ve got this perfect image of our perfect family Christmas and I need you in the picture, gosh darn it!

Chance says he feels obliged to bring down the Big Bad who killed his men. They won’t care, Abby points out – they’re dead! Will he listen to his wife and return home to meet his son?

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