General Hospital Spoilers Next Weeks December 13-17, G&H

General Hospital spoilers for December 13 – December 17, 2021, tease every parent’s worst nightmare, the sweet smell of freedom wafting through the air, and so much more. Much to Brandon Corbin and Sasha Gilmore’s horror, doctors Britt Westbourne and Fleming reveal that Liam Michael has no brain activity.

As a result, the young parents will have to decide whether they keep their baby on life support for the remainder of his short life, or allow him to pass on peacefully. It’s an impossible choice that could end up tearing this new couple apart.

Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait both put forth arguments to the parole board that Brad Cooper should not be granted early release; but between Brad’s own heartfelt plea for leniency, and Sonny Corinthos’s man on the take, Millow’s efforts may all be for naught.

In other GH spoilers news, Anna Devane receives an unexpected call, Michael catches sight of something shocking, and Harrison Chase and Brook Lynn Quartermaine experience an awkward moment – might a real romance be blossoming betwixt the two?

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