General Hospital Spoilers May 31- June 4, Next Weeks Ubdate

General Hospital spoilers promise Maxie Jones faces a terrible situation and tries to fight through it in the week of May 31– June 4. Meanwhile, tempers flare, and a life is on the line on GH. Get a look at what expect next week with the newest ABC soap opera spoilers.

GH spoilers report Maxie Jones must make the most of bad circumstances. Currently, Maxie just gamaxve birth to baby Louise in the woods. Recall, this is where Roger Howarth made his first appearance as Austin on General Hospital. However, there seem to be complications.

Plus, Maxie fears Austin works for Peter August. Soon, things go from bad to worse for Maxie Jones. And she tries to handle it as best she can. There is a chance something is wrong with Maxie’s child, and she might not make it.

After everything Maxie is doing to protect her little girl, she is sure to be beside herself. On the bright side, it looks like Peter will not carry out his plan to kidnap Maxie Jones, suspect General Hospital spoilers.

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