General Hospital Spoilers Next Two Weeks For October 4-15, G&H

General Hospital spoilers next 2 weeks promise Victor Cassadine‘s crazy starts to show more as he takes things to a new level in the episodes airing October 4 – 15. Elsewhere, a war breaks out, and a shocking truth comes out on GH.

Find out what lies ahead over the next two weeks with brand-new ABC soap opera scoops. General Hospital spoilers find Victor Cassadine at his limit. Soon, Peter August slaps Victor with an ultimatum.

And Peter’s boldness might make him Victor’s enemy instead of an ally. Then, Victor makes a shocking revelation. Later, Victor dictates malicious commands. So, Victor Cassadine may turn on Peter soon, hint General Hospital spoilers.

But, on the other hand, Victor may force Peter to do his dirty work. And this could involve Valentin Cassadine because Victor kidnaps Val soon. No doubt, he will be in shock to find that Peter is Victor’s cohort.

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