General Hospital Spoilers Next Two Weeks August 8 – 19, G&H

General Hospital next 2-week spoilers find Valentin Cassadine at odds with his evil father, Victor Cassadine, in the two weeks, August 8 – 19. And the father-son duo turns hostile on GH. Also, someone else is after the truth, and a power-couple calls it quits. Find out what’s going down over the next two weeks on the ABC sudser.

Next week on GH, Victor wonders if he can trust his son Valentin Cassadine to stand by him. Of course, the only reason Valentin agrees to help his father Victor is because of leverage he has over Val. Victor is holding the person Val cares about most over his head — Charlotte Cassadine .

But Valentin is starting to get fed up with Victor on General Hospital. And he is pushing back. And soon, Victor starts to think that Val is not loyal to him — and he’s right. Meanwhile, the love of Valentin’s life, Anna Devane, won’t stop until she learns what Valentin is hiding. And next week, the British super-spy sets a new plan into motion.

After a chat with her bestie Felicia Scorpio, Anna decides to go all-in on her plan to learn Valentin’s secret. So, she forces Valentin’s buddy Martin Gray to be her cohort. Of course, Marty isn’t sure it’s a good idea to go against Valentin Cassadine. But Anna doesn’t give him a choice. Soon, they may discover Victor is forcing Valentin Cassadine to do his bidding on General Hospital.

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