General Hospital Spoilers For Wednesday, June 2, GH

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, June 2, 2021, reveal a shocking discovery, family strife, a predator cornered, and so much more. You won’t want to miss an exciting moment of this new episode.

Peter flips out when he sees that Maxie is at the hospital but he has to rein in his feelings. But he has no idea why Naughty Nurse Nanny isn’t there and his mind starts spinning. He says things that confuse Maxie, who wonders how he would even know that. But none of this is giving him the answers he wants.

A distraught Peter wants to know where their daughter is. But he has much bigger problems as spoilers reveal that Peter is backed into a corner.

Anna and Jordan must compare notes because Anna warns Jordan that when Peter vanishes, so does the antidote for Chase. So despite her having proof of his villainy, they must tread lightly.

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