General Hospital Spoilers For Thursday, October 21, G&H

Willow Tait voices her concerns about Michael and his impulse to want to get revenge on Nina but she chooses the wrong person to confide in if she wants to see him talked down. She tells Carly she sees no reason to provoke a fight with Nina unless they absolutely have to.

The chance of Carly wanting to talk Michael out of that is slim to none. Monica advises Austin Gatlin-Holt to make peace, but Austin says if the Quartermaines want to play dirty, bring it on.

Chief among them of course is Brook Lynn Quartermaine, who has been gunning for him from the beginning, and now Brook Lynn feels vindicated. She feels like she deserves a gold star for what she’s done.

Her father, Ned Quartermaine, doesn’t agree with her — or his wife. He tells Olivia Quartermaine, who is hellbent on believing that nothing could possibly be wrong with her son Leo, that he hears her but he just doesn’t agree with her. Will what he’s saying get through to Olivia — or will Leo suffer for her stubbornness?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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