General Hospital Spoilers For Monday, October 18, G&H

General Hospital spoilers for Monday, October 18, 2021, reveal a question, a confirmation, a vicious command, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a dramatic moment of this new episode.

Victor Cassadine dictates malicious commands — Peter August has outlived his usefulness and Victor’s had it with his younger partner. For once seeming worried that this really could be the end, Peter tells Victor that ordering these men to kill him is the last thing he wants to do, even if the TV audience is begging him to do it.

Drew Cai is horrified to realize that he’s being controlled by someone else yet again — and even worse that it’s Peter this time. He asks Liesl Obrecht how he can stop Peter. Considering all of her years with Caesar Faison, she should have insight into the triggers (remember she has some experience in this arena too) but will she be able to help him?

Sam McCall and Dante Falconeri are determined to help her ex-husband escape from Victor and Peter. He tells Sam they’d better get to Drew before all hell breaks loose. But GH spoilers tease that they are thwarted in their best efforts.

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