General Hospital Spoilers For Tuesday, June 1, GH

The doctor came out and updated Brando on the condition of Gladys after her surgery, but did his mom survive? After all, she’s key to taking down that other baddie, Cyrus. Brando wants to know how soon he can see his mom — but is he seeing her in recovery or at the morgue?

Cyrus isn’t much of a threat to Brando and his mom at the moment but he is to Portia. He has been shot by Jason and tells the scared doctor that if she plays it smart, they’ll all walk away alive. Will she help save his life or will she figure out a way to finish off the man who has been a constant threat to her and Trina?

Portia had just been telling Curtis that he’s always been there whenever she or Trina needed him. Will he be able to save her this time?

He’s visited by Laura, who wants to know why he isn’t celebrating. But then Curtis receives an unsettling phone call. Will he figure out Portia needs him in time?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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