General Hospital Spoilers For Friday, July 23, G&H

Nikolas may be in more trouble than just having Ava divorce him. Shawn Butler tells police commissioner Jordan Ashford that he has news. Is he getting closer to figuring out Nik was responsible for Hayden’s shooting? Shawn’s friend on the inside won’t be lonely for long as Sam McCall pays her mom, Alexis Davis a visit.

Back at General Hospital, Austin Gatlin-Holt asks current (but maybe not for much longer) Chief of Staff Dr. Britt Westbourne what he gets in exchange for the favor she asks of him. What is Britt looking for — more people to support her being the top doc? Or is something else on her mind?

Nina Reeves makes her triumphant return to Nixon Falls. She lets Smike know that supporting Phyllis Caufield isn’t the only thing that’s brought her back.

When last we left these two, Nina delivered quite the goodbye smooch. Is she ready to take things further with the man she knows has no clue he’s got a wife back in Port Charles mourning him?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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