General Hospital Spoilers Monday, December 12 G&H

As for Nikolas’s real secret named Esme, she may have actually convinced Nikolas to take her to chop down a Christmas tree. This doesn’t look like it will go well.

Over at Spring Ridge, Esme’s crazy parents, Heather Webber and Ryan Chamberlain, form an unholy alliance as she seems to agree to keep the secret that he can walk and talk and pretty much do whatever he pleases.

Poor Trina Robinson is not sure she did the right thing when she pretty much told Spencer Cassadine to get lost when they ran into one another at the Port Charles Grill. Since her mother and supposed best friend are frequently preoccupied, Trina turns to her real BFF, Ava.

Ava already knows that Trina can’t fight those feelings for Spencer, but Trina asks Ava to talk her out of making a huge mistake. Is Trina about to dump Rory Cabrera? Or is she going to keep him hanging on? Does Trina even know which choice would be the huge mistake?

Carly Spencer makes sure to be at the Metro Court when Drew Cain meets with the woman who might know who Willow Tait’s real mother is, so she takes Willow out for a meal. Carly at least notices that Willow looks terrible and asks her if she is okay. A very testy Willow tells her that no, she is not okay.

Meanwhile, Drew meets with this mystery woman and asks her if she knows where Baby Callie even came from. Will he get the answers he is looking for that could save Willow’s life and end his own romance?

General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC.

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