General Hospital Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers Next 2 Weeks April 18 – 29 G&H

General Hospital next 2-week spoilers find Alexis Davis in harm’s way as Harmony Miller‘s dark plot goes sideways. And someone close to Alexis is collateral damage the two weeks of April 18 – 29 on GH. Also, someone’s scheme may blow up in their face on GH. So check out what to expect over the next two weeks on the ABC sudser.

Next week, on GH, Alexis Davis is in the wrong place at the wrong time. And Alexis sees something awful. Perhaps, the horrid sight is Harmony Miller about to make a drastic move. Now that Harmony killed Brendan Byrne, Harmony might be overcome with guilt. When Alexis arrives, Harmony Miller nearly tells her everything.

Also, Carly Corinthos goes looking for Alexis. When Carly finds Alexis, they both end up in a bad spot, promise General Hospital spoilers. Later, Sasha Gilmore and her mother-in-law Gladys Corbin get a horrid shock.

Then, Sam McCall rushes to General Hospital. And Josslyn Jacks heads to the hospital also. So, it looks like Alexis Davis and Carly are in danger because of Harmony. Also, Sonny Corinthos freaks when Dante Falconeri is injured. Then, the cop gives news to Michael Corinthos and his girlfriend Willow Tait.

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